DHB Accountability

On behalf of the DHB the Planning and Funding team holds and monitors alliance contracts and service agreements with the organisations and individuals who provide the health services required to meet the needs of our population. 

This includes an internal service agreement with our Hospital and Specialist Services Division and over 1,000 service contracts and alliance agreements with external providers including the three Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) in Canterbury.

Planning and Funding team members maintain ongoing relationships with these providers and ensure the efficient management of these service contracts and agreements. The monitoring of service contracts occurs through a number of mechanisms, including relationship development, reporting mechanisms and audit.

The Planning and Funding Division is also responsible for producing key accountability documents on behalf of the Canterbury DHB and monitoring performance against national health targets, expectations and the Funding Agreement between the Crown and the DHB.

Together with national policy, the DHB's accountability documents help to maintain transparency and enable robust review of the intentions of both the Ministry and of DHBs.   The documents provide a long-term planning element to demonstrate capacity, sustainability of services and best use of resources. The use of short-, medium- and long-term performance targets in these documents also assists in evaluating DHB progress and effectiveness.

Accountability DocumentDescription
Annual Plan (AP) with Statement of Intent (SOI)

This is the Canterbury DHB's Annual Plan. In accordance with the New Zealand Health and Disability Amendment Act 2010, it also incorporates Canterbury DHB's Statement of Intent, which is our key accountability document to Parliament and includes performance targets and measures on how the Canterbury DHB is improving the health of its community.

Annual Report

The DHB's performance against the financial and non-financial expectations described in the SOI is reported at the end of year in the DHB's Annual Report, which is reviewed by auditors working on behalf of the Office of the Auditor-General to compare the DHB's planned and actual performance.

Regional Health Services Plan

The South Island Regional Health Services Plan is a shared plan agreed by all five South Island DHBs. It articulates the South Island's regional direction and the key principles that will inform future regional service development and configuration.


All these documents can be found on our CDHB Publications pages.

Information on national health targets and Canterbury's performance against these can be found on the Ministry of Health's website ‚Äč

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