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The Canterbury DHB uses funding received from Government to purchase and provide health and disability services for the Canterbury population.  Based on the size and demographic mix of our population (age, ethnicity and socio-economic factors), Canterbury receives around 11% of the total health funding allocated to DHBs - over 1.4 billion dollars.

The Planning and Funding Division of the CDHB is accountable to the Chief Executive and the Board for determining how best to invest the funding we receive from Government, to promote, enhance and facilitate the health and wellbeing of the Canterbury population.

In line with the Canterbury Health System's vision we work in partnership with clinical leaders, health professionals, service providers and consumers to understand our population, review service delivery according to changing demands, and prioritise investment.

The core responsibilities of the Planning and Funding Division are:

  • Assessing our population's current and future health needs;

  • Determining the best mix and range of services to be purchased;

  • Building partnerships with service providers, government agencies and other DHBs;

  • Engaging with our stakeholders and community through two-way consultation;

  • Leading the development of new service plans and strategies in health priority areas;

  • Prioritising and implementing national health and disability policies and strategies in relation to local need;

  • Undertaking and managing contractual agreements with service providers; and

  • Monitoring, auditing and evaluating service delivery.

Management and Vision

carolyn-gullery-220.jpgCarolyn Gullery is Executive Director, Planning and Funding and Decision Support. She has been in the role for the past ten years and under her management the team has helped to transform the Canterbury Health System and improve health outcomes for the Canterbury population.

"Our vision is an integrated health system that keeps people healthy and well in their own homes by providing the right care and support, to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.  At its core, our vision is dependent on everyone in the health system working together to do the right thing for the patient and the right thing for the system."

"We need the whole system to be working for the whole system to work." ​

Contact details

How to contact the Planning and Funding Division.

Regan Nolan, EA to the Executive Director, Planning and Funding and Decision Suppor​t

Phone: 03 364 4160

Angela Heard, Planning & Funding PA
Phone: 03 364 4192
Email:  ​

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Planning & Funding
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Planning & Funding
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Planning and Funding
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