The Board is responsible to the Minister of Health for the overall performance and management of the DHB. The Board's core responsibility is to set strategic direction and policy that is consistent with Government objectives, improves health outcomes and ensures sustainable service provision. The Board also ensures compliance with legal and accountability requirements and maintains relationships with the Minister of Health, Parliament and the Canterbury community.

Canterbury DHB Board and Management Team

While responsibility for overall performance rests with the Board, operational and management matters have been delegated to the Chief Executive, who is supported by an Executive Management Team.

As an 'owner' of hospital and specialist services, the DHB directly provides a significant share of the health services delivered in Canterbury. This is no small responsibility; in 2011/12 there were over 108,373 people discharged from our hospitals, 84,444 attendances at our Emergency Departments, 5,736 babies delivered and 588,510 outpatient appointments.

We provide these services through our Hospital and Specialist Services Division, covering: Medical and Surgical, Mental Health, Rural Health, Women's and Children's, Older Persons' Health and Rehabilitation, and Hospital Support and Laboratory Services.

While most of our secondary and specialist services are provided out of our hospitals, some services are delivered from community bases, through outreach clinics in rural areas and in other DHB facilities.

Partnerships with other agencies

Our partnerships with other agencies – including local councils, Police and Justice, Housing NZ and the Ministries of Education and Social Development – are vital to create social and physical environments that prevent and reduce the risks to​ health.

Community and Public Health

Canterbury DHB's Community and Public Health Division provides public and population health services and works in cross-sector partnerships to support initiatives that focus on keeping people well.


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