Canterbury and West Coast Health Disability Action Plan

​Marking a major milestone for equitable care, the collaborative Canterbury and the West Coast Health Disability Action Plan was launched in July 2016. It is an action plan, and so the launch is only the beginning.

The aim of the Plan is to ensure people who experience disability in across the Transalpine area have the health services they need and are included in decisions about their health care.

Attendees at the Canterbury and West Coast Health Disability Action Plan launch event 

This ten year Plan is the product of more than a year of consultation with Disabled Person's Organisations (DPOs) to define priorities for the first two years and map our way forward for the next eight.

It's a work in progress, as it needs to remain responsive to people's changing needs. Consultation too is ongoing and one of the most important actions for the coming year is to invite input from the wider community, particularly those with a disability who aren't represented through a DPO. 

West Coast Canterbury Health Disability Action Plan​PDF, 350kb


Progress on the Plan's objectives 

The formation of a steering group with representives from the community, the disability sector and from acroos the health system marks the achievement of  the first of the Plan's promised actions. 

Steering group - a productive morning tea.JPG 

The purpose of the group is to ensure people with disabilities in the Canterbury and West Coast District Health Board areas have the health services they need, when they need them, and feel included in decisions about their health care.

The group has been selected to ensure the right balance of representation and to gather round a single table a wide range of relevant knowledge and expertise. 

Stella Ward, Executive Sponsor for the Action Plan, says our health systems have been fortunate to have attracted some exceptionally qualified and experienced members with the right mix of skills, knowledge and connections.

"Our new steering group members have also been chosen for their strong personal networks in the disability sector, to ensure we can develop and maintain an effective dialogue with our disabled communities."

About the steering group members.pdf

Featuring people with lived experience of disability


The video is in three parts and features people or families talking about their experiences and what they want from their health system.

The video opens with retired Greymouth school teacher Margaret Woollett – remember, this is a TransAlpine action plan that aims to support disabled people and their family/whānau on both the West Coast and in Canterbury.
The second part features the Andrell family of Burwood (who are here with us at the launch).

The final part of the video features Disability Support Advisory Committee member Ben Lucas who is the chef de mission for the upcoming Rio Paralympics and who provided input on the redevelopment of Burwood Hospital.

Canterbury and West Coast Health Disability Action Plan
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