CDHB 9883 Mental Health - Staffing, experience, vacancies, capacity in acute unit, times above capacity

Tuesday August 21, 2018

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How many staff positions is the DHB funded for Acute Mental health?

Levels of experience in acute mental health?

How many positions were vacant on Monday 25 June 2018?

How long has each position been vacant?

When was the last time the DHB was fully staffed for acute mental health?

What is the maximum number of patient capacity of your acute mental health facility?

Daily breakdown of how many of those beds were filled from 18 June - 25 June 2018, and the overflow?

How many times this year has the acute mental health facility being operating above patient capacity?

Response from Canterbury DHB

CDHB 9883 - Acute mental health staffing unit capacity. [pdf,270KB]

Page last reviewed: 21 August 2018