CDHB 9888 Radiology, MRT, staffing levels, examinations performed, services, hours of work, wait times

Tuesday August 21, 2018

​Request details

1. Data about MRT staffing levels. i.e. we require the budgeted and the current FTE figures for the financial year ended 30 June 2018?

2. Figures for the total number of examinations (i.e. examinations, not patient? numbers) performed during the year ended 30 June 2018 These need to be separated into the number of examinations in CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Angiography, Theatre, Emergency, General and Mammography for your DHB for each year.

3. Current Radiology Services and Hours of Work. 4. Wait list times.

Response from Canterbury DHB

CDHB 9888 - MRT staffing levels examinations services. [pdf,483KB]

Page last reviewed: 21 August 2018