Clinical Trials

‚ÄčThe Christchurch Oncology Research Unit (CORU) functions within the Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service and consists of Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, a Palliative Care Physician, a  Clinical Research Co-ordinator, Clinical Trial Nurses and an administration team member. The team is led by a Oncologist within the service and the Clinical Research Co-ordinator.

Clinical trials staff have a wide range of expertise and experience, including data management, drug administration, patient education and quality assurance.

CORU has been an integral part of the service since 1987. Over this period, the unit has expanded its staffing and the range of clinical trials undertaken. Clinical trials now extend across all the common malignancies and have maintained a steady recruitment of patients.

CORU's primary objective is to improve standards of care by participating in high quality clinical trials and providing access to innovative treatments. The aim of the unit is to improve the understanding of the development of cancer, its clinical behaviours and to allow advances in treatment. 

During your consultation with the doctor they may tell you that one of your treatment options is to participate in a clinical trial. If this happens one of the CORU nurses will discuss the trial with you in depth. You will be given written information on the trial which you can take away and read before deciding whether to take part.

Refusal to participate in any trial will not affect your care in any way.

For more information on our trials, contact:

The Cancer Society have a helpful booklet about Cancer Clinical Trials

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Page last reviewed: 04 May 2017