If you wish to make a donation to any of the below funds please discuss with this with Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service staff. The staff member will arrange for you to receive a receipt. This receipt can then be used to make a tax credit claim (as long as the donation is $5 or more). You will need to submit a copy of the receipt you received from Oncology when you made the donation.

Patient Comfort Fund

Ward 26 has a patient comfort fund which enables us to purchase items to make our patient's stay more comfortable. Our aim is to create a welcoming and more homely environment. Televisions, portable phones and DVD players and milkshake blenders are examples of what we have bought. 

Nurses Education Fund

Both Ward 26 and the Chemotherapy Day Ward have funds to provide additional education opportunities for the nurses working in these two areas. This allows them to attend study days and conferences to keep abreast of changes in cancer and supports the purchase of resource materials when needed.

Oncology Trust Fund

The Oncology Trust Fund accepts donations which can be a general donation to trust funds or can be for a specific use. Please discuss with a member of staff what you would like your donation used for. Your donations may be used for research, staff training, patient comfort or to improve facilities.

Haematology Trust Fund

Please view more information on the Haematology Trust Fund‚Äč

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Page last reviewed: 15 April 2015