Inpatient Care

​Ward 26 is located on the 2nd floor of the Riverside block of Christchurch Hospital, and is the acute Oncology Ward. You may be admitted to this ward for your treatment or if you become unwell. You may also be admitted to help with symptom control.

Contact Phone Number
03 364 0640, ask for Ward 26

Visiting Hours

Being in hospital can be an anxious time for some patients so we encourage your friends and family to visit. Visiting times are: 

  • ​11.00 am to 1.30 pm every day

  • 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm every day

  • the hospital has a rest time between 1.30 pm - 3.00 pm.

Please discuss any concerns about visiting with the Nurse in Charge. If visitors attend after 8.00 pm, they are screened by hospital security who will contact the ward to confirm the visit and issue a pass. Family/whanau of unwell patients are able to stay on the ward. A stretcher bed can be placed alongside the patient's bed. Numbers staying overnight should be confirmed with the Nurse in Charge of the shift.

General Information

A patient leaflet is available for anyone who requires more detailed information on inpatient care

The Oncology Ward patient Information

Patient Enquiries

Your family and friends may wish to know how you are during your stay. They can contact the ward on the number above, however we ask that these calls are kept to a minimum as the nurses need to leave the patients to attend to phone calls.

We recommend that a spokesperson rings the ward and then liaises with other family members or friends. Please be aware that patient confidentiality restricts the type and amount of information that can be given over the telephone.


There is a patient lounge with TV, radio, games, books, internet access and a hot drinks machine.  A telephone is available in the hallway, donations for calls are gratefully received.

What to bring with you when you are admitted?

Some items you may want to bring are your regular medication, toiletries, slippers, nightwear and a dressing gown or robe. Don't worry if you forget something, the hospital can provide most items and there is an on-site shop that sells toiletries.

Māori Patients

If you would like a visit from the Kaitiaki for oncology please ask your nurse who can contact them on your behalf.

Any Concerns?

Throughout your treatment and your hospital stay it is not unusual to feel concerned, anxious or upset — reactions differ from person to person. Some people find it helpful to share these fears and feelings with a sympathetic friend, Nurse, Chaplain or Social Worker. Don't be afraid to discuss your concerns with any of the staff members that you come into contact with or to ask for a referral to the chaplain or social workers.


Please remember that like the rest of the hospital and hospital grounds, smoking is not allowed in Ward 26. Nicotine patches can be prescribed.

Information and help to stop smoking is available in the ward, or you can visit Quitline.

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Page last reviewed: 09 January 2018