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Throughout your chemotherapy treatment you may meet many different health professionals and support staff. Some of these people are listed below along with how they can help and support you throughout your treatment.

Medical Oncologist

Your Medical Oncologist is the doctor in charge of your chemotherapy treatment. They have received specialist training in the use of chemotherapy and biotherapy drugs to help treat cancer. They will meet you before your treatment starts and during the course of the treatment to see how you are managing.


These are qualified doctors who are in training. They work alongside the Medical Oncologist in charge of your care. You may see a Registrar in clinic before, during and after your treatment or if you become unwell.

Charge Nurse Managers

Charge Nurse Managers are responsible for the running of the Oncology Day Ward, outpatient clinics, Medical Day Unit and the Inpatient Ward . You may meet them if you are admitted either for or during your chemotherapy.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

The Clinical Nurse Specialist is a specialist nurse with experience and advanced knowledge of chemotherapy and cancer. They may also be directly involved in your care by seeing you in clinic, the ward or talking by telephone.

Clinical Nurse Specialists also provide leadership and mentorship to the nursing staff as well as being involved in education, quality and research activities.

Registered / Enrolled Nurses

Registered nurses staff the Inpatient Ward and the Oncology Day Ward, they will give you the chemotherapy as well as providing you with a chemotherapy education session to tell you all about the treatment and side effects. These nurses have received specialist training in the delivery of chemotherapy drugs. 

Enrolled nurses will greet you when you come to clinic or may care for you on the ward. 

Hospital Aides

Hospital Aides assist nurses in caring for patients and also help to keep the clinical areas tidy and well stocked.

Ward Clerk

The Ward Clerk deals with enquiries concerning patients as well as performing administrative and clerical tasks.


Our cleaners have a vital role because they look after the cleanliness of the service areas.‚Äč

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