Radiation Therapy for Children

Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service provides the Paediatric Radiation Therapy Service for children in the South Island.


Buddy System

The Paediatric Team has a unique buddy system that is used for all children attending for Radiation Therapy treatment.  The buddy will be a Radiation Therapist, who will follow the child and family through the treatment journey.  They are a point of contact for the child and family and, through play, will support the child in order to make them feel as comfortable and relaxed about the treatment as possible.

Treatment Preparation

In preparation for treatment, a tour of the department and play sessions can be organised so the child and family can become more familiar with the area.  There is also an introductory video that the child and family can watch together.

While on treatment, there are a range of resources provided, such as iPods, movies, music, toys and games to make the time pass more quickly.

Please discuss any questions you may have regarding Paediatric Radiation Therapy with your child's Radiation Oncologist. 


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Page last reviewed: 09 October 2014