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During your radiation treatment you may come across many health professionals.

This information is designed to help you understand who everyone is and the role that they play in your care

Radiation Oncologist

Your Radiation Oncologist is the doctor that is in charge of your radiation therapy treatment. They have specialist training in cancer as a disease, it's treatment, and radiation. They are involved in the planning of your treatment and will see you regularly in clinic before, during and after your radiation therapy treatment.


Each Radiation Oncologist works with a registrar. These are qualified doctors who are undergoing more training to specialise in Oncology. You may see a registrar in clinic both before, after and during your treatment.

Radiation Therapists

Radiation Therapists are involved in the planning and delivery of your radiation treatment. You will see them each day during your treatment. Their job is to ensure that the treatment is delivered accurately and to provide care and support to you. In the department Radiation Therapists are recognisable by their uniform of a dark teal or blue top, navy cardigan or jumper and black trousers or skirts.

Registered/Enrolled Nurses

Registered/Enrolled nurses specialise in the care of patients with cancer. They assist the oncologists with their clinics and provide care and support for patients who experience treatment side effects. The nurses in Christchurch Oncology Department are recognisable by their light blue tunics and navy trousers

Medical Physicists

This group includes Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists, Medical Physics Registrars and Medical Physics Technicians. Although you may not come into direct contact with these people, they have an important part to play in your radiation treatment. They are involved in the treatment planning process and ensure the accuracy of the treatment machines by following a rigorous testing and maintenance regime. They also commission new equipment and validate new treatment techniques.


The Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service participates in the training of Radiation Therapy students. The students may be involved in your care but are always under the supervision of a qualified Radiation Therapist. A student should always introduce themselves to you as such and ask your permission to be involved in your care. Our student Radiation Therapists are recognisable by their uniform of a jade or navy blue top with dark trousers/skirt.

University of Otago


During your treatment you may be referred to other health professionals or support services. These may include dietitians, speech & language therapists and social workers. See the Allied Health Services page for more information on these support services.‚Äč

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Page last reviewed: 06 December 2017