Radiation Oncologists

​Your Radiation Oncologist is the doctor that is in charge of your radiation therapy treatment. They have specialist training in cancer as a disease, it's treatment, and radiation. They are involved in the planning of your treatment and will see you regularly in clinic before, during and after your radiation therapy treatment.

Radiation Oncologists at Christcurch Hospital

RO photo 4 copy.pngRadiation Oncology CD

Avtar Raina






 Gill Campbell.pngGill Campbell






 Bill Hindson.pngBen Hindson 






RO Pic 4.pngMelissa James






Melissa James.pngLisa Johansson






Ian Ward 2.png

 Iain Ward






 Brendan.pngBrendon Anderson






Scott B.png Scott Babington






Final pic.pngChris Harrington

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