Ganciclovir Administration

The United States, National Institue for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Hazardous Drug list has ganciclivor listed as a hazardous drug.

This means that particular safe handling and administration guidelines should be followed. Below is a table outlining the training requirements that need to be completed before you can administer ganciclovir.

The eviQ course can be found on healthLearn.

Competency sign off can be achieved with either the nurse educator or the clinical nurse specialist that works in your area.

Re-certification is not required.

​Role                           Course​Certification
RN only

​eviQ ADAC course - Adult antineoplastic drug administration for the non-cancer setting (RGMC003)

​Complete 3 modules, quiz and the IV competency assessment



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Page last reviewed: 14 August 2019