Patient and Visitor Information

See the Health Info website for further CDHB Haematology Patient Information.​

Visiting a relative or friend in BMTU? ​For their wellbeing:

  • Do not visit if you are have a cough, cold, flu symptoms or vomiting and diarrhoea.

  • Do not bring fresh flowers as these pose an infection risk.

  • Do not bring fresh food (e.g. fresh fruit that cannot be peeled or vegetables).

  • Ensure the soles of your shoes are relatively clean and free of dirt. For example do not wear the shoes you would wear gardening or on a building site into BMTU.

If you have any questions, please ask a BMTU Nurse or call (03) 364 0660.

When Entering BMTU:

  • Read and follow signage at entrance to BMTU and at the entrance to the room.

  • All visitors must wash their hands just as they come into the BMTU and again before they enter the patient's room. You can either use the soap and water or alcohol hand gel provided.

  • If you a visiting a patient in an isolation room, remove any outer coats and hang on coat hooks within the anteroom/chamber of the isolation rooms.

  • A sign will be placed on the patient’s door with any special precautions that should be followed by visitors and staff entering an isolation room.

  • When visiting someone in a shared room, please be aware of other patient’s rights to privacy and quiet.

  • The bathrooms are for patients only. A visitor bathroom is located at the entrance to BMTU or down the main corridor past the elevators.

Why do I need to follow these requirements?

  • Patients in BMTU have low immunity which means they have difficulty fighting bacteria and viruses that a healthy person can fight.

  • Unwashed hands, fresh flowers, fruit or soil on the soles of your shoes pose an infection risk which may harm your relative or friend.

What can I bring?

  • Entertainment e.g. laptop, games, cards, books, magazines, puzzles, craft projects

  • Photos, pictures, reminders from home – anything that will brighten the room (except fresh flowers)

  • Processed or packaged foods

  • Toll cards – telephones have a toll bar restriction

  • A smile and an encouraging word. This can be a distressing time for patients.

Visiting Hours

Family and friends are asked to visit BMTU between the hours of 8.00am and 1pm and from 3pm until 8.30pm.

We try and let our patients rest between 1pm and 3pm.

Patients who are seriously ill may be visited at any time by close relatives.

Patients who are in isolation may find it difficult to control the number of visitors who come to see them therefore we prefer to restrict the number of visitors to 3 or 4 in a room at a time.

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Page last reviewed: 12 September 2013