Child Haematology & Oncology

Welcome to the Children’s Haematology Oncology Centre – CHOC – at Christchurch Hospital.

CHOC Entrance 

CHOC is one of two specialist treatment centres for childhood cancer, the other being Starship Hospital.  We care for infants, children and adolescents with cancer, and their families/whanau.  

EntranceOur patients are referred from throughout the South Island and the lower part of the North Island.  We also treat children with unusual non-cancer blood and bone marrow disorders.

We are members of the Children’s Oncology Group, a large cooperative child cancer organisation based in the United States, and with over 200 member institutions in North America, Australasia and Europe.

CHOC comprises 10 in-patient beds, and a Day Stay area. Reception


CHOC is currently located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Riverside Block in Christchurch Hospital.

Choc location map  

Research on CHOC

These groups develop treatment trials for most paediatric oncology conditions, often comparing the best known treatment with a...

The Team

The team at Christchurch Paediatric Oncology Service


Patient Information Sheets

Child Haematology and Oncology patient information sheets have been prepared by the National Child Cancer Network

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