What to expect when you arrive at hospital (see our videos)

​Keeping Kids Safe in Hospital

Just like home, there are potential hazards in the hospital environment that we all need to be aware of. It is important that while a child is in hospital that those caring for them, including parents/ caregivers are aware of these hazards.

So check this out for yourself by watching our newest video 'Keeping your child safe in hospital'.



When you have to go to hospital

Coming into hospital can be little bit scary. To help make you less anxious Charlie, Sheena and Gemma from What Now have made some videos to show you what may happen during your stay.


If you need an X-ray or scan


If you need a blood test  



If you need a PICC line ​


If you need an IV line 


If you need a plastercast



If you need an operation

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​Read all about it

Going to hospital - download our easy to read book that explains everything you need to know.

Going to Hospital


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