Childrens Outpatients Department

​​​​​​​​Where is the Childrens Outpatients Department?

The Childrens Outpatients Department is located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Riverside Building at Christchurch Hospital. A full hospital campus map is available on the Christchurch Hospital​ web page.​

Directions to the Childrens Outpatients Department

​Map of Lower Ground Floor, Christchurch Hospital


  1. Enter the hospital through the Main Entrance (Riccarton Ave) 
  2. Follow the directions for the Children's Wards 21 & 22
  3. Take the lift to the Lower Ground Floor
  4. Exit lift, turn left and the outpatients dept is down the corridor on the right.

Note: The entrance to the Riverside Building is currently closed due to construction.


Car parking is limited so please leave an extra 20 minutes to find a park.

Hospital car parking

There is currently NO CAR PARKING at Christchurch Hospital, except for a limited number of disability car parks. Please refer to for more information.


There are a number of buses that travel to and from Christchurch Hospital. See our Christchurch Hospital page for a list of bus routes to Christchurch Hospital or visit or call 366 8855 for information on bus timetables and route maps. 


Families travelling long distances to Christchurch, may be eligible for  accommodation assistance. If living out 100km or more from the city, Ronald McDonald House is available.  Arrangements should be made by your referring health professional or a social worker.

Travel assistance scheme

If you can answer yes to one or more of the following questions and have been referred by a health specialist, you may be eligible to claim.

  • Do you travel more than 80 km one way, per visit?

  • Do you visit a specialist 2 or more times in two months?

  • Do you visit a specialist 6 or more times in 6 months, and travel more than 25 km one way, per visit?

  • Are you a Community Services Card holder and travel more than 25 km one way, per visit?

For more information about travel assistance call 03 378 6398.

​​​​​Support services


Can be organised at no charge to you, but must be arranged in advance. Ask the hospital staff to arrange this through Customer Services, Christchurch Hospital, phone 03 364 0843.

​Māori Health Workers and Chaplains

Māori Health Workers and Chaplains​ can be available to support you, but should be arranged before your appointment.

​Your appointment

Childrens Outpatients offer specialist appointments Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Each consultant team has set days to conduct their appointments.

Your child may be seen by a registrar, however your named consultant will still be responsible for your child's care.

​​Changed or cancelled appointments

If you wish to change or cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as possible. If you wish to change your appointment you will be offered an alternative date and time. This may extend the time your child waits to see the specialist team.

If you don't keep your appointment, we may:

  • Advise your GP

  • Contact another health worker to offer you support

  • Discharge you from our service

​​Missed appointments

Missed appointments make our waiting lists longer and prevent other children from being seen.

​​Making the most of your appointment

  • Arrive 10 minutes early in case you need to see the nurse first.

  • You can bring a support person.

  • Make sure you have enough prescriptions to last you until your next visit.

  • Organise child care for your other children.

  • Bring your well child book if your child is under 5 years.

  • Turn off your mobile phone.

​Consumer feedback

We value your thoughts and suggestions. You can:

  • Put your suggestion in the blue box in the department.

  • Phone Advocacy Services on 377 7501.

  • Write to Safety & Quality Team Leader, Women's & Children's Health, Corporate Building, 4th Floor, 32 Oxford Terrace, or phone on 364 4556.

  • Write to Charge Nurse Manager, Children's Outpatients Department, Lower Ground Floor, Riverside, Christchurch Hospital, or phone on 378 6144.

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Page last reviewed: 09 January 2018