Family Doctors (General Practitioners)

​​​Care Around the Clock​


Make your GP team your first call 24/7

Unless it’s an emergency (when you should call 111), always make your general practice team your first call 24/7 when you or someone in your family is sick.

Even after hours a nurse is available to give free health advice. Just phone your usual general practice number.

You’ll get care around the clock when you phone your general practice team.

After Hours - call your General Practice

There are many benefits to signing up with a GP team  

As soon as you enrol with a general practice, you immediately have a team of people ready to help you and your family stay well and healthy.

 By enrolling, you and your family will have access to:

  •  expert advice and check-ups

  •  you’ll pay less for your health care

  •  you’ll have ongoing vaccination and health screening check reminders

  •  prescriptions will be cheaper (or free if you’re under 13 and enrolled with a general practice team!).

After-hours medical care for children aged under 13 

If your child is unwell, phone your general practice team. Most practices in Canterbury have free consultations for children under 13. 

If it's after-hours your call will be answered by a registered nurse. The nurse will be able to tell you what to do or where to go.

If you are advised to take your child to an after-hours clinic, the consultation will be free after 6pm.

Remember if your child is unwell, it's always best to seek medical attention sooner, rather than later. Don't wait to see if their condition gets worse. ​Phone your own general practice team any time of the day or night – they know your child best and will provide health advice.

Primary Health Organisations

Almost all general practices in Canterbury are aligned with one of three Primary Health Organisations (PHOs). Enrolling with a PHO-aligned general practice entitles you to lower fees for seeing the doctor and/or practice nurse.

The following information is about the Primary Health Organisations in Canterbury, the services they offer, and the fees they charge.

Pegasus Health

Pegasus Health is the PHO for most Christchurch general practices except those named below, plus general practices in the Selwyn District.

Visit the Pegasus Health website for more information including appointment fees and availability.

Christchurch Primary Health Organisation

This is the PHO for:

For more information see the Christchurch PHO website.

Rural Canterbury Primary Health Organisation

This is the PHO for practices in the following rural localities: Ash​​burton and mid-Canterbury, Waimakariri, Hurunui, Kaikoura, Akaroa and Diamond Harbour. 

For more information see the Rural Canterbury PHO ​website.

For more information about general practices

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​​​Look up a GP team

Find a GP telephone number and
other contact details on the General
Medical Practice Finder Map

You can also find GP contact details
on the following Primary Health
Organisation (PHO) ​websites:

Pegasus Health GP Locator

Christchurch PHO practices

Rural Canterbury PHO practices

Page last reviewed: 26 June 2018