BCG Vaccination

All pregnant women should be assessed by their lead maternity carer; including midwives, general practitioners, practice nurses and obstetricians, as to the risk of Tuberculosis (TB) for their baby.

Eligibility for BCG Vaccination

A child under the age of 5 years will be eligible for the BCG vaccine if he/she:

  1. Will be living in a house of family/whanau with a person with current TB or a past history of TB

  2. Had one or both parents or household members or carers who have within the last 5 years lived for a period of 6 months or longer in a country with a TB rate of > 40 per 100,000 (refer to table link below)

  3. During their first 5 years will be living for 3 months or longer in a country with a TB rate of > 40 per 100,000 (refer to table link below)

If one or more of these questions is answered with YES, then this baby is at increased risk of being exposed to TB. This baby needs to be referred to the BCG Vaccination Clinic. Please see the links below for Referral Form and ;list of countries with TB rates of > 40 per 100,000.

No Cost

BCG Vaccination is free to all eligible children.

When to Vaccinate

Vaccination before 6 months old is strongly recommended as after 6 months of age, a Mantoux test is required prior to vaccination to eliminate any possible exposure to TB.

What countries have high TB incidence?

The list of countries which currently have a high incidence of TB ( > 40 per 100,000) is attached. 

TB-BCG List of Countries plus Information.pdf 

How do I make a referral?

Please print the Referral Form linked below and fax to the BCG Clinic 03 383 6878 (as given on form). We aim to have an online form available on this website soon.

BCG Vaccination Referral (Ref.8567)

BCG Clinic enquiries

Telephone direct dial: 03 383 6863

Fax: 03 383 6878

Other Useful Links

HealthEd Website - Parent information on BCG vaccine
Ministry of Health - Tuberculosis Vaccine Information

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Page last reviewed: 21 August 2018