PICC Nurse Inserter

‚ÄčThis CVC Training Manual is for Radiology Registered Nurses.
The inserting of PICC, Tunnelled CVC and Midline catheters requires expert knowledge and skill and is described as advanced practice for Registered Nurses (RN).

To undergo this training the Registered Nurse must be nominated by the Charge Nurse Manager Radiology.

Specific training criteria must be met in both theory and practice. This is achieved by completing the Training Manual (see below) and Clinical Practice observations. Along with this training the RN must complete Professional Development Recognition Portfolio (PDRP) proficient or expert level and achieve credentialing status as a PICC Nurse Inserter (PNI) in the Radiology

Department Christchurch Hospital by the DHB's Credentialing Committee.

PICC Nurse Inserter (PNI) competency training data base code is IVTC18. There are two competencies, one for adult PNI and one for Paediatric PNI. Advanced Practice which includes tunnelling CVC is IVTC19AP.
Ongoing compliance and standards along with insertion protocols are measured by audit.

Revalidation is required every 3 years.

The pre-requisites for Registered Nurses who wish to be instructed in PICC insertion are:

  • Work in Radiology
  • Have achieved endorsement in venepuncture, peripheral cannulation and CVAD management and care.
  • Are considered by their peers as an expert in peripheral cannulation
  • The expert use of ultrasound technology to access veins
  • Have 2 years experience in the management and care of central lines
  • Be competent working in the Interventional Radiology (IR) suite.
  • PDRP Proficient or Expert level.

Contact person:

 Rose Cartwright CNM Radiology rose.cartwright@cdhb.health.nz

 Phone: ext 80041

CVC Training Manual for Registered Nurses

 CVC insertion training manual

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Page last reviewed: 10 January 2018