Roles & Responsibilities of Staff in the IV Link Process

  • Select staff with the relevant experience/knowledge and who are prepared to be active in this role and undertake responsibilities as listed below

  • 10-15% of total staff are requested to be IV Link Staff

  • Preferably work a minimum of 0.5 FTE (discretion of manager)

  • Must hold relevant competencies for your clinical area e.g. IV, CVAD, IV Cannulation

  • Select enough staff so that all shifts are covered (including nights)

  • Have basic computer literacy (or be prepared to develop)

Line Manager Responsibilities

  • Support your IV Link Staff with the below responsibilities (including release time to complete CPO's)

  • Assist with reviewing results of Clinical Practice Observations performed in your area and support staff to implement improvements where required

  • Assist IV Link Staff to communicate  CPO results to relevant staff in clinical area

  • Proactively maintain knowledge and skills around IV therapy

  • Keep  up to date with the relevant organisational policies and procedures related to IV management (Volumes 10, 11 and 12)

  • Complete monthly Clinical Practice Observations (CPO Audits) to determine the current standards of delivery in the area and utilise results to influence practice

  • Work collaboratively with other area IV Link staff and Line Managers  to influence and promote best practice in IV fluid and medication management

  • Provide support and education within specialty areas e.g. teaching sessions at hand over,  one-on-one support, a summary in staff communication book

  • Be an Assessor for Level 1 and 2 IV Certifications, Venepuncture and IV Cannulation (as relevant to area of work)

  • Attend Initial IV Link Staff Study Day and subsequent Updates (at least 3 yearly)

  • Maintain links with area IV Link Group / IV Resource person  e.g. via email groups, attend Site/Area specific  IV Link Group meetings

  • Ensure IV Link Staff and Line Managers are supported with their responsibilities

  • Provide education and resources to IV Link Staff regarding their responsibilities

  • Communicate division/organisation results of CPO's to the areas concerned, the Line Managers, and the DON group on a quarterly basis

  • Communicate any changes to the IV Link staff role and CPO audit program

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Page last reviewed: 21 June 2018