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​​The IV Link Staff Website is the information portal for South Island IV Link staff who currently require Intravenous Therapy as an endorsement for staff. 

IV Link staff are supported by the Regional IV Advisory Group, which includes representatives from many health care providers around the South Island.

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The aim of this website ​is to

  1. Provide an interface for allied healthcare providers in the South Island region who currently certify intravenous therapy as an endorsement for staff, to work more closely together, sharing resources and ideas

  2. Assist the Health Care Providers to work together to standardise intravenous therapy processes and practices

The site is maintained by the Regional​ IV Advisory Group whose aim is; 

"To improve patient safety by providing leadership on intravenous therapy"

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Roles & Responsibilities of Staff in the IV Link Process

Roles & Responsibilities of Staff in the IV Link Process

IV Link Study Days

IV Link Study Days are held for Nurses and Midwives to become Certified IV Link Staff. All potiential IV Link Staff must be...

Patient Information Booklets

Find copies of patient information booklets which can be printed out and used with the education of patients on their Central...

IV Link Audit Tools

You can familiarise yourself with the tool, policies, procedures and checking procedure before attempting an audit.

IV Link Useful Resources

A list of useful links and resources around intravenous therapy. You are welcome to print these off and share them.

IV Advisory Group Minutes

Minutes for the IV Advisory Group

Affiliation with the Regional IV Advisory Group

The Regional IV Advisory Group is a collection of representatives from healthcare providers around the South Island.


​Click HERE​ to contact the Regional      Intravenous Advisory Group​

​​Click HERE to view the structure: 

peripheral intravenous fluid and   

medication endorsement framework.

Page last reviewed: 18 June 2018