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All bookings are accessible via healthLearn.

For further information please contact or visit the Maternity Services Education Team, Level 5, Christchurch Women's Hospital.

CDHB staff please refer to the booking process document below.

Education bookings process for CDHB Maternity Service June 2018

All continuing education must be accompanied by a course conference application form.

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CDHB Education Calendar 

Maternity Education Year Plan 2020

2020 Maternity Education Year Planner

Professional Development Planner for CDHB Core​

Professional Development Planner Core Midwives

Professional Development Planner Nurses in Maternity

Performance Appraisal Templates

Maternity Performance Appraisal - Midwives 

Maternity Performance Appraisal - Nurses 

Maternity Performance Appraisal - Support Staff

Adult CPR/Maternal Collapse 

Resuscitation training is now provided as part of either Emergency Skills or PROMPT course - see below.


Breastfeeding Study Days 2020

Child Protection and Partner Abuse

Book via healthLearn.

Emergency Skills

Emergency Skills Day 2020

Epidural Lectures 

Online via healthLearn.

Fetal Monitoring Training

Fetal Surveillance Education Requirements 

Fetal Monitoring Online Training

Online Fetal Surveillance Education Programme (OFSEP).

Journal/CTG Club/Forum

To be arranged.

Maternal Mental Health

Maternal Mental Health Day 2020

Maternity Practice Skills (previously known as Core Competency)
Maternity Practice Skills 2020

Neonatal Resuscitation

Included in Emergency Skills Days and PROMPT

Newborn Life Support (NLS)

Newborn Life Support 2020

Perinatal Loss

2020 Perinatal Mortality Meetings

Perineal Care and Repair

Perineal Care and Repair Workshop 2020

​Preceptor Development

Preceptorship for Midwives Ara 2020

Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training - PROMPT


Preventing Maternal Acute Morbidity - PMAM

Preventing Maternal Acute Morbidity 2020

S.T.A.B.L.E Course

S.T.A.B.L.E. Course

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative - BFH

The New Zealand Breastfeeding Association website has a number of educational opportunities available in BFHI.

NZBA Website

Cultural Competency Training Tool (Mauriora Associates)

Mauriora Associates Limited (Mauriora) is a consultancy that specialises in Māori health, leadership, education and research and was established in 2000 by Māori Medical Doctors.

Mauriora personnel possess a wide range of skills and experience in health and education including: audit, assessment and evaluation; national and international conference presentations; health and education related research; resource and curricula development; cultural competency; health literacy; clinical and cultural supervision and mentoring.

Mauriora Associates Website 

Hand Hygiene

Improving Hand Hygiene among healthcare workers is currently the single most effective intervention to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections in hospitals. This website has useful information to help reinforce the "5 Moments of Hand Hygiene".

Hand Hygiene Website

Health e-learning

Health e-learning offers a number of presentations at no cost.  The subject of these presentations is varied and numerous.

Health e-learning Website

LearnOnline is a vocational training resource hub for New Zealand’s community of health practitioners, providing a collaborative approach to educational resources for the health sector. There is a growing number of courses available provided by different organisations for health workers either studying or working in different fields of practice.

Learn Online Website


This is a series of research articles and questionnaires that you can access online.  For BFHI purposes, these should be about breastfeeding/lactation or closely related to the subject.  Please submit any evidence of completing this learning to the Lactation Consultants for inclusion into the BFHI database (questionnaire, paragraph etc). Many articles also have CME points allocated.

You will need to register in order to access the articles.  This is free. Once you have registered, you can type "breastfeeding" or "lactation" into the search engine.

Medscape Website

Mental Health Education & Resource Centre (MHERC)

MHERC have a wide range of professional development courses available in a wide range of topics.

MHERC Website 

Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee

The Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC) is a statutory committee established under Section 59E of the New Zealand Health and Disability Amendment Act 2010.  PMMRC is an independent mortality review committee that advises the Health Quality and Safety commission on how to reduce the number of deaths of babies and mothers in New Zealand.


The Local Coordinators can only act as Agents of the PMMRC in the DHB specified in relation to perinatal deaths (20 weeks gestation or a birth weight over 400gm if gestation unknown, to 28 days after birth) and maternal deaths related to pregnancy.


The Australian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System (AMOSS) is a surveillance system designed to study a variety of rare or serious conditions in pregnancy, childbirth and the post natal phase. Through translating the findings of the system into reliable evidence-based practice, the aim of AMOSS is to improve the safety and quality of maternity care in Australia and New Zealand.


The Local Coordinator is responsible for the management of the local group communication both to and from the National Committee, maintenance of theCanterbury section of the PMMRC database and continued positive relationships between key stakeholders in the Health, Education, Justice sectors and Maori and Pacific communities.


The Coordinator must at all times adhere to their responsibilities as an employee of the DHB and their responsibilities as agent of the PMMRC and local coordinator of the DHB for the PMMRC. 

Useful Links

Health Quality and Safety Commission Website

Australasian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System Website

Australian and New Zealand Stillbirth Alliance Website 

Safe Sleep

The SUDI Prevention National Coordination service are tasked with providing the SUDI workforce with current, relevant and useful information that will support their efforts to reduce SUDI prevalence across Aotearoa.

The link provides seven training modules and takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. Please feel free to share the link with your colleagues.

The training covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to SUDI prevention
  • Connecting and engagement with whānau
  • Consistent health messaging
  • Accumulation of risk factors for SUDI

There is no cost associated with the training, you will just need to register online and complete the course via this link:

Smoking Cessation

Find information about the smoking cessation programme - Ask about the Elephant at the LearnOnline website.

Learn Online website

Pre-eclampsia (APEC) UK 

This is a new e learning package for midwives and all who care for pregnant women.

The aim of this package is to give you an overview of the history, signs, symptoms and management of pre eclampsia. At the end is a short quiz which could result in your getting a certificate of completion from Action on Pre eclampsia. At APEC we are continuously striving to improve to help you so please take a minute to complete our feedback form (you will be directed to this from the quiz).

(APEC) UK website

Fetal Surveillance Education Programme (OFSEP)

RANZCOG OFSEP  is a FREE online resource that acts as a pre reading and further reading to users and it is designed to complement our face-to-face FSEP sessions. You do not need to login and you do not require a username, password or enrolment key to access OFSEP.

OFSEP website

Healthy Start E-learning Programme

The Healthy Start Workforce Project e-learning programme encourages further understanding about the impact of lifestyle factors in conception, pregnancy and infancy on a child's metabolic, physiological and neurological development.

Healthy Start Workforce Project 

CDHB Maternity Education
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