Power during Transport

​​​For most jobs the equipment will run for a sufficient length of time on battery power.  It is crucial to check the battery charge levels prior to transport.

For exceptionally long trips or back to back jobs, we need to consider alternate power supplies.  This should be discussed with the coordinator and rest of the team prior to departure.

Helicopter Power Supply

The BK117 has been wired to take a separate inverter to supply power to some of our equipment.  This inverter is stored in the paramedic's room at Garden City Helicopters, and should be secured in the BK prior to take off.

Helicopter power supply.jpg 

(Inverter box is in yellow)

The 3-pin plug from bridge can be plugged directly into this box.  However the on-off switch (on yellow box) should remain in the "off" position until the helicopter engines are fully running.  Always check with the pilot before switching to the on position.


Fixed Wing Aircraft Power Supply

Both fixed wing aircraft have built in inverters.

Cardiac Monitor

  1. GE / Marquette Dash 3000
    1. Lithium ion batteries (2)
    2. Combined battery life is 5-6 hours depending on functions used (NIBP drains the batteries fastest)
    3. Multimode – ECG, Oximetry, ETCO2, NIBP, invasive BP, temperature, cardiac output


Syringe Drivers

  1. Niki T34 Syringe Drivers
    1. Accepts all commonly used syringe makes in sizes 2 – 50 mls
    2. However, when using 50ml syringe, can only take maximum of 34mls volume
    3. 0.1ml – 1000ml per hr 
    4. Bolus rate 200ml/hr
    5. Maximum bolus 5ml per dose
    6. Runs on standard 9v alkaline battery
    7. Current set up has two pumps, but more are available if required

Niki T34 Syringe Driver.jpg 



Draeger Oxylog 3000 & 3000+ 

  • Used for more complex ventilation and NIV
  • Tidal volumes 50ml to 2000ml
  • Resp rate 1:4 to 3:1
  • Spontaneous breath trigger available 3-15 litre trigger threshold
  • PEEP 0-20 cm H20
  • PiO2 40-100% infintly adjustable 
  • Battery life 4 hours (Lithium Ion)
  • Gas Consumption MV + 0.5 1 Litre

Draeger Oxylog 2000.jpg 

Defibrillator / Pacemaker

  • Zoll M series
  • Combined defib / external pacemaker
  • 35 shocks per charged lead acid battery
  • 2.25 hrs of external pacing
  • Multi function adhesive pads for defib and pacing (adult and infant)
  • ECG monitoring also standard
  • Battery life significantly reduced when monitoring continuously.


Bean Bag (or Vacuum Mattress)

 Bean-Bag-2.jpgBean_Bag 1.jpg


Used to immobilise spinal injuries, pelvic fractures and multiple fractures.

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