Continuous Infusions

All vasoactive medication are mixed with 5% Dextrose and are ALWAYS administered via a Central Venous Catheter (CVC).


Vasoactive medications can be mixed in 50ml (as below) and given via a syringe driver, or strength doubled and mixed in 100ml bag and delivered via a volumetric pump (discuss with Registered Nurse caring for patient).


DrugConcentrationInfusion Rate
Propofol10mg/mlRun at 5-25 ml/hr
Noradrenaline2mg/50mlRun at 0-15 ml/hr
Phenylephrine10mg/50mlRun at 0.15 ml/hr
Adrenaline3 mg/50ml
1mg/50ml (OT)
Run at 0-15 ml/hr
Dopamine200mg/50mlRun at 2-10 mls/hr
Dobutamine250mg/50mlRun at 1-10 mls/hr
10mg/50ml (OT)
Run at 0-10 ml/hr
Run at 0-40 ml/hr
Milrinone20mg/50mlLoading dose given in OT
Run at 375-0.75mcg/kg/min
Amiodarone300mg/100mlLoading dose
Run over 30-60 min
900mg/500mlRun over 24 hrs
If in SR oral for 6 weeks
Actrapid50iu/50ml NaClAs per SPRINT guidelines
Heparin5000IU/50ml NaClAs per desired APTT
Not routinely used post op

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Page last reviewed: 13 May 2014