Routine Medications

Standard Medications for Cardiac Surgical Post-Operative Patients



Drugs with *commence from first post-op morning.

​Cephazolin​1 gram

​8 hourly

  • until chest drains removed (CABG patients)
  • until lines, draine & IDC removed (Valve patients)
​Paracetamol​1 gram​4 hourly​PO or IVI
​Clopidogrel *​75 mg


  • For all CABG patients
​Pantoprazole *​40 mg​OD​PO
​Asprin *​100 mg


  • Start day 1 post op, when bleeding into drains is less than 100ml/hr (averaged over 2 hrs)
​Diclofenac SR *​75 mg


  • (only if Crn <120)
​Enoxaparin *​40 mg


  • (commence on day 1 @ 1700)

PRN / consider:

​KCL​10-20 mmol


  • aim K + >4.5
​Ondansetron​4-8 mg​8 hourly PRN​IVI
​MgSO4​10-20 mmol


  • Given therapeutically for dysrhythmias​
​Oxycontin​10 mg


  • For three doses post-op then stop
​Metoclopramide​10 mg​PRN​IVI
​Frusemide​20-40 mg
  • ​Discuss with ICU Consultant prior to prescribing
Warfrin​1-3 mg only
  • NO loading given for post-op cardiac patients​


Note:  Patients who are NOT "onn pathway" may require changes to the standard medications at the disrection of the ICU Consultant.

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Page last reviewed: 20 March 2015