Clinical Duties in Intensive Care

General Comments

Team 1 Registrar                                                                   Pager 7062
Team 1 Advanced Trainee Registrar                                         Pager 8434

Team 2 Registrar                                                                   Pager 8166
Team 2 Advanced Trainee Registrar                                         Pager 8072

Flight Outreach Registrar                                                        Pager 8155

There are two Registrars rostered 24 hours a day (day shift 0800-2200), (night shift 2130 – 0930).  There are two advanced trainees present during daytime hours (0800 – 1800), weekdays , and one at the weekend.

It is expected that the clinical registrars will function as a team and support each other and are expected to have a good overview of all patients in Intensive Care.  A member of the team is also expected to accept and review consults and attend trauma and cardiac arrest calls.  Basic Trainee Registrars are expected to discuss with the duty Advanced Trainee Registrar any consults and acute or ongoing management issues prior to discussion with the duty SMO.

The flight Outreach Registrar is primarily responsible for retrievals and secondly responsible for Outreach calls.  During the week days this includes the Outreach and follow-up round with the Outreach Nurse.

More senior and experienced members of the team should also provide supervision for less experienced staff performing invasive procedures.

Notify and discuss with the duty intensive care specialist any concerns or change in a patient's condition.  Advice should be liberally sought from the duty intensive care specialist.

When leaving the Department, all Registrars must inform their colleagues and the ACNM.  The intensive care floor must never be left unattended unless in extraordinary circumstances and with the permission of the duty intensive care specialist and the knowledge of the ACNM.

Night Shift

At all times it is expected that there will be at least one registrar on the floor immediately available.  This registrar is expected to continuously review and assess patient progress.  Whilst it is not Departmental policy to enable Registrars to sleep while on night shift, there is a lazy-boy chair provided in the registrar's office to enable one registrar to have a "power-nap" while the other registrar is on the floor.  While "power-napping" the pager should be handed to the registrar on the floor.


Page last reviewed: 13 May 2014