Ventilatory Management Guidelines


To ensure a consistent approach to patients requiring ventilatory management in the Department of Intensive Care.

This guideline is limited to those patients who can be effectively ventilated utilising standard modes of ventilation.  The duty Intensive Care specialist must be consulted before more complex modes of ventilation are considered.


Personnel Authorised to Manage Mechanical Ventilation

Overall responsibility for decisions made with regard to mechanical ventilation resides with the duty Intensive Care specialist.

Registrars may initiate ventilation and registrars and nursing staff may make changes to ongoing ventilatory parameters provided that such changes are consistent with the established management plan for that patient as agreed by the duty Intensive Care specialist.

While most patients can be ventilated using a "default" setting, ventilation of complex patients remains the domain of the duty intensive care specialist.


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Page last reviewed: 13 May 2014