Central Venous Cannulae


Central venous catheterization may not be attempted until accredited to do so.  Accreditation will form a part of the introduction to the Intensive Care.  Registrars will be required to perform 2 arterial catheter insertions, and 5 central venous line insertions under supervision prior to being accredited.


  • IV access in intensive care patients

  • Fluid administration

  • Hypertonic solutions (Amiodarone, nimodipine)

  • Infusions of inotropes or other vasoactive substances

  • Monitoring of right heart pressures (CVP, Pulmonary Artery Catheter and cardiac output)

  • Access for renal replacement therapy

  • Large bore resuscitation catheter:  PA sheath or dialysis catheter

  • CVC insertion technique will be taught during the orientation

  • All procedures must be performed under conditions of strict "asepsis"

  • Where a junior member of staff is familiar with a certain technique, they should continue to use that technique.

If you suspect that you have mistakenly cannulated an artery rather than a vein, seek assistance from the senior Registrar or duty Intensive Care Specialist prior to removing the offending line.‚Äč

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Page last reviewed: 13 May 2014