Clinical Duties outside Intensive Care

Request for insertion of central venous access

Intensive Care staff may be approached to facilitate central venous access in a patient outside intensive care.

  • Request for CVC lines should come from Registrar level or above on a consultation form.
  • The status of the patient and the indication for insertion must be reviewed, by the Intensive Care team, and discussed with the duty intensive care specialist prior to insertion.  Alternatives discussed if appropriate.
  • The safety of the procedure must be reviewed, in particular the determinants of haemostasis.  The person performing the line insertion must be credentialed and is responsible for gaining informed consent.
  • CVC's are generally elective procedures and do not take priority over intensive care duties.

Outside of the Intensive Care Specialists, central line insertion is restricted to Registrars who have been credentialed to perform these procedures.

Cardiac Arrest Calls


Cardiac arrest calls may be initiated for the following:

  • In-hospital cardiac arrest
  • Collapse of unknown origin in the hospital environs
  • Out of hospital arrest arriving in the emergency department

Ensure that the intensive care staff are aware of where you are going, particularly the ACNM.

Arrest team members

  • Intensive Care Registrar
  • ACNM, CTC (out of hours & weekends)
  • Outreach Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Medical Registrar
  • Cardiology Registrar


Page last reviewed: 13 May 2014