Intensive Care Outreach

​​​This service is based in the Department of Intensive Care, and consists of:​

  1. Dedicated SMO  rostered to admissions and retirevals during working hours along with the Outreach Registrar and Clinical Specialist Nurse.

  2. Each day the Intensive Care Registrar and Outreach Clinical Nurse Specialist follow up patients in the wards that have been recently discharged from Intensive Care.  The purpose the the Outreach team is to act as a resource to assist the home team.  The Outreach team should contact the home team if on review the patients care could be optimised.

  3. ​Specific advi​ce given to the home team on behalf of ICU should be discussed with the Admissions / Outreach SMO and in general routine management, should be left to the home team, unless our expert input is required.

  4. A EWS (Early Warning Score), based on vital signs is calculated at each set of observations.  Any nursing or medical staff then follow an algoritum to seek appropriate assistance.

  5. All referrals must be referred asap by appropriate ICU Medical and Nursing staff.  If the Outreach Registrar needsd additional assistance, they should not hesitate to request the Admissions SMO attend to provide input or review a concurrent unwell patient.

We hope to improve communication between Intensive Care and the wards in the care of these often complicated patients.  Ward staff, Medical and Nursing are encouraged to contact the Intensive Care Outreach team for any general advice or assistance, however, it is important that the home team SMO is kept well informed of their patients condition and management.

​Intensive Care Outreach Audit

The Intensive Care Outreach Data collection form MUST be completed for each patient review.  This includes all patients that are transferred to ICU after the initial assessment.

Click here to view EWS March 2013 

Page last reviewed: 05 December 2016