Daily Programme


0800 – 0830hrsRegistrar Teaching
0830 – 0900hrsMorning handover, one in ICU South and one in ICU North
11:00hrsX-ray meeting with Radiologist, one meeting in ICU North
09:00 - 11:00hrsConsultant led bedside ward round
1700 – 1800hrsAfternoon ward round
2000 – 2100hrsEvening handover
Time to be arrangedRetreival Outreach Registrar / Outreach Nurse attend as required
22:30  Outreach​Nurse & Registrar attend handover in seminar room near ward 23


All times other than that allocated above should involve patient review, not only in response to request by nursing staff, but also in the interests of optimising patient care and progress.

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Page last reviewed: 01 December 2016