‚ÄčRegistrars commencing duty at the major Registrar RMO changeover dates will undergo an orientation phase including:

  • 2 day orientation course

      • Issued an Intensive Care Registrar Handbook containing general departmental policies and procedures.

      • Related paperwork for car parking and scrubs, 


  • Topics covered:

      • Communication / documentation

      • Role of Associate Clinical Nurse Managers

      • Role of Technologists

      • Unit and bedside equipment

      • Introduction to respiratory management and mechanical ventilation

      • Introduction to cardiac support

      • Invasive procedures

      • Patient transport

      • Radiology in the Intensive Care unit

      • Outreach

      • Database

      • Trauma Team

      • MCQ's on knowledge


  • There is also a 2 day BASIC Course which is run after the start of the new run. Dates are advertised within the Department.


Page last reviewed: 01 December 2016