There are two paediatric trolleys in the department which are stored opposite bed space 9.  These trolleys contain equipment for airway management, O2 administration, lines etc.  There is an information folder containing some relevant articles, as well as drug dosage books.  There are further supplies in the paediatric storage cupboard.  There should also be a calculator available at all times.

Emergency management sheet

The nurse assigned to the patient will print out a "paediatric prescription chart" based on the child's weight.  This details doses/volumes of commonly used resuscitation medications.  There is a second sheet which outlines appropriate vital signs, equipment sizes and fluids.

First response bag

If called to a paediatric arrest, the first response bag you take with you should contain a paediatric bagging circuit and small mask.  The paediatric team should also attend the arrest, and bring with them a full paediatric airway box.

Online handbook

This outlines some general management principles only.  For information on specific conditions, refer to the CDHB paediatric guideline book on the intranet.  View:  or ask your friendly paediatric ward team!


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Page last reviewed: 14 May 2014