• ​It is important to know the weight of the child being admitted, as this determines rate of fluid administration and drug dosing.  All medications should be clearly prescribed as amount/weight/time.  E.g. mcg/kg/min, mg/kg/dose.  This will be checked by the bedside nurse prior to any dose being administered.
  • The recommended source for medication dosing in children is the book "drug doses" by Frank Shann, available on the paediatric trolley.  There is also a BNF for children available.

In general, children >40kg receive standard adult doses, and no child should receive a dose higher than that recommended for adults.

Weight can be approximated by:

AgeWt (kg)
Newborn/6 months~3.5kg/~7kg
1-9 years2 X (age +4)
>9 years3 X age

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Page last reviewed: 05 December 2016