Emergency Admissions

​Resuscitation or admission must not be delayed where the presenting condition is imminently life threatening.

In general, patients should be admitted to Intensive Care where it is perceived they would benefit in some way as a result.  Usually this means patients with actual or potential organ system failure, which appears reversible with the provision of intensive care support measures.  In certain circumstances, patients with terminal or fatal conditions are admitted to Intensive Care to facilitate a dignified and humane outcome for the family and the patient.


Documentation must be completed confirming that the referring team has been informed by the Intensive Care Team and that the patient has been admitted to Intensive Care.

Any conversation between an outside team and a member of the Intensive Care unit staff (even just to let you know….about a possible…) should be viewed as a referral and the patient should be formally reviewed).

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Page last reviewed: 01 December 2016