Deaths in Intensive Care


Withdrawl of therapy is a Specialist only decision

The duty intensive care specialist must be notified as soon as the patient has been examined and certified dead, unless other specific arrangements exist, (eg. Where death is the expected outcome and the issues of coroner's jurisdiction and a death certification have been discussed).

Following discussion with the duty intensive care specialist:

The Registrar must ensure:

  • A coroners notification form is completed

  • A death certificate and cremation certificate are completed, where it is not a mandatory coroner's jurisdiction, and the cause of death has been agreed with the duty intensive care specialist.

  • The parent team is notified

  • Referring colleagues (including GP's) are notified

  • Post-mortem consent has been completed (if indicated)


The coroner must be notified in all cases where:

Mandatory coroners jurisdiction, Death & Cremation Certification MUST NOT be completed:

  • Death due to violence (trauma / homicide / suicide)      

  • Death from non-natural causes                                                

  • The cause is unknown      


Not mandatory, Coroners jurisdiction, Death & Cremation Certification should be completed:                                                                             

  • Death following a surgical or other procedure            
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Page last reviewed: 05 December 2016