Patient Discharge Policy

 ‚ÄčAll discharges must be approved by the duty Intensive Care Specialist

The parent team must accept care of the patient; this acceptance must be recognised at Specialist level, either through their Registrar, or in some cases, the Specialist directly.

All other teams involved must be advised.

A plan for the immediate discharge period must be discussed with the accepting team and be clearly documented in the notes including:

  • Limitation of treatment where appropriate

  • Clear medical management plan, including charting of the following for the next 24 hours:

      1. Fluids, Drugs and Feeding

      2. Analgesia

  • Completion of Datasheet

  • Completion of Intensive Care Clinical Summary

  • Datasheet and attached copy of Clinical summary to be placed in Secretary's basket.


Page last reviewed: 05 December 2016