Current Studies and Registrar Responsibilities

​Name of Study

​What to look for

​Registrar Involvement​​​

​SPICE​Mechanical ventilation & requiring sedation
enrol <12 hours of intubation
​Randomise and prescribe SD Dexmedetomidine v standard care
Prescribe RASS target



Mechanical ventilation + Septic shock vasopressors >4 but <24hrs

Randomise and prescribe SD.
SD = Hydrocortisone or placebo


Blood tranfusion required​Randomise and prescribe RBC
TargetRequire EN nutrition <12 hoursRandomise and prescribe Target feed​
Art 123 or Scarlett Study
Infection inflammation and coagulation, (INR 1.5)Identify patients, phone researchs taff, prescribe study medications


Ventilated <2hours remain ventilated tomorrowIdentify, randomise, consent
​Triccs 111Cardiac patients on bypass.
Following transfusion prtocol as per HB triggers
​Prescribe blood as per HB triggers
​Investigator Led Studies ​ ​
CURE Study:  Clinical Utilisation of Respiratory Elastance​Entry criteria is any patient with a P/F ration of <300mmHg.​​SMO's & Senior Registrars participation only at this stage, with basic knowledge for all other Registrars.

For further information  on all studies, see the Research folders in both ICU pods (North & South), Registrars office, ICU Team site, or phone Jan Mehrtens on 021-609945 or 352-2426.

The Christchurch Hospital Department of Intensive Care has a long history of being involved in quality research.  Applications for research, or ideas which may lead to an application should be discussed with Dr Seton Henderson or Geoff Shaw.

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Page last reviewed: 08 December 2016