Research in the Intensive Care

​Research Coordinator:  Jan Mehrtens

Research Assistants: 

  • Emmeline Minto
  • Anna Morris
  • Kim Parker

Registrar's participation in research is mandatory during their stay in the Department.  Registrars are expected to be aware of all active studies in the Department.  Information on active studies can be obtained from either of research coordinators, or the clinical trials coordinator or the research folders found in ICU, CICU and the Registrar's office.

Research in the Department falls into 3 categories:

  • ANZICS Clinical Trial Group:  Studies which are promoted by the Australasian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society.  The group is open to all interested parties, and proposals for multi-centre trials can be presented for consideration.

  • Contract Research:  Research conducted and funded by drug companies

  • "In House" Research that originates, and is conducted by staff within the Department;

      • Bench top research

      • Laboratory research

      • Observational research

Page last reviewed: 10 February 2017