Evidence of Teaching

Nurses contribute to education, preceptorship, buddying and skill development in a variety of ways within the clinical setting. These forms help articulate the different ways in which education occurs. Preceptorship is a formal role undertaken by the RN and is designated by the manager, and should include reflection on the role and feedback from the preceptee. Buddying is a more informal process that is used to buddy a nurse who is working on a temporary basis in the ward or for ENs buddying another EN or RN in the clinical setting, e.g. working in the theatre environment training staff on the use of different equipment or roles.

Regarding teaching, Formal teaching is a planned teaching session to a number of staff, using a teaching plan, set venue, available resources and an evaluation procedure. Informal teaching is an unplanned opportunity to teach one or more staff in an informal environment e.g. a procedure at the bedside, equipment set up, etc. An evaluation procedure may also be used.

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