Peer Review Forms

​Please note that with the nationally integrated guidelines, the Performance Appraisals if aligned to Nursing Council competencies, are sufficient for submission to the PDRP without an additional peer review necessary. The only time peer reviews might be necessary is if there is insufficient evidence within the performance appraisal and you believe the peer could provide extra information. Or, if you do not have a nursing line manager then a peer review by another nurse is necessary along with your self assessment to meet Nursing Council's requirements of two forms of assessment against the competencies. The performance appraisal by your manager will be required as well. Additionally, please note that peer reviews are only valid for a year after completion to ensure currency of practice is assessed.

CDHB Staff please note: 
Peer reviews are only completed if your Line Manager is not a nurse or there is no senior nurse in your clinical area to undertake a performance appraisal.

Peer Review RN Competent 2018c

Peer Review RN Expert 2018

Peer Review RN Proficient 2018

Peer Review EN Accomplished 2018

Peer Review EN Competent 2018

Peer Review EN Proficient 2018







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