Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes Programme

Improve early detection and support long-term condition management amongst Māori.

CVD includes coronary heart disease, circulation, stroke and other diseases of the heart. Māori have higher rates of CVD hospitalisations and mortality, and CVD is the leading cause of death for Canterbury Māori. Diabetes can lead to CVD, amputation, blindness and kidney failure. Diabetes rates are increasing, and Māori rates are about three times higher than other New Zealanders'. Canterbury Māori are over five times more likely to die from Type II diabetes than non-Māori.

Both CVD and diabetes are strongly influenced by risk behaviours such as poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and tobacco smoking. Prevention, early intervention and management support can reduce inequalities and the burden of these long-term conditions amongst Māori.

The CDHB will identify areas of significance for Māori to support future service planning and delivery, as well as develop new diabetes packages of care that will promote better diabetes management, improve referrals pathways and provide education for Māori newly diagnosed with diabetes.

For more information see Māori Diabetes Services

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Page last reviewed: 15 August 2013