Māori and Pacific Health

​​The Canterbury District Health Board is committed to a programme of actions and activities aimed at improving Māori and Pacific outcomes.

Māori health services in Canterbury

Te Komiti Whakarite

Te Komiti Whakarite was established to assess and provide cultural advice through the development, implementation and review of the Christchurch Hospital Māori Health Plan, and to further support Christchurch Hospital to meet the Health & Disability Sector Standards, and accreditation standards.  

For more information see Te Komiti Whakarite

Ngā Ratonga Hauora Māori / Christchurch Hospital & Christchurch Women's Hospital

Ngā Ratonga Hauora Māori is about the wellbeing of Te Iwi Māori. There is a dedicated team of experienced and qualified Māori and non-Māori health workers and registered professionals who are responsive to Māori health needs.

More more information see Christchurch Hospital or Christchurch Women's Hospital.

Te Whare Toa Takitini / Burwood

Ranga Hauora service at Burwood Hospital / Te Whare Toa Takitini recognises the significance of ensuring patients/tangata whaiora feel at ease when receiving care. The service identifies cultural issues when working with whānau, hapū and iwi and enables staff to access the support and resources available to meet their cultural needs.

For more information see Ranga Hauora (Burwood) or Burwood Hospital.

Mental Health

The philosophy of the Māori Mental Health Service is Whanaungatanga – a concept that stresses the importance of family and that nothing is done in isolation but as part of a member of a whanau. Māori mental health workers make up a multidisciplinary clinical team that works hard to improve the delivery and quality of health services to tangata whaiora / Māori consumers of mental health services.

For more information see Mental Health.

Māori Health Services

A comprehensive list of Māori health community services and Māori services that are located within our hospitals and primary...

Pacific Health Services

A comprehensive list of Pacific health community services that are located within our hospitals and primary care locations.

Access to Care Programme

Promote early intervention through greater Māori engagement in Primary Care.

Cancer Programme

Improve early detection and reduce the disease burden of cancer amongst Māori.

Canterbury Māori Health Framework

The purpose of the Canterbury Māori Health Framework is to establish shared outcomes, shared priority areas, shared language...

Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes Programme

Improve early detection and support long-term condition management amongst Māori.

Data Quality Programme

The CDHB and PHOs in Canterbury are committed to a programme of collecting, analysing and measuring data.

Elective surgery Programme

Elective services are non-urgent procedures and operations that improve people's quality of life.

Immunisation Programme

Immunisation can prevent a number of diseases and is a very cost-effective health intervention.

Mahi tahi Programme

Enable early intervention and responsive, targeted care to reduce health issues that negatively affect children and young...

Maternal Health Programme

Promote breastfeeding to give tamariki a healthy start to life

Ngā Ratonga Hauora Māori / The Māori Health Service

Ngā Ratonga Hauora Māori (The Māori Health Service) is available to help patients and whanau through their hospital journey...

Oral Health Programme

The Oral Health Programme aims to improve oral health for tamariki and rangatahi.

Ranga Hauora - Burwood Hospital

The role of the Ranga Hauora team is one of Kaitiakitanga / guardianship to work with Te Iwi Māori to ensure service delivery...

Scholarships for ​Māori and Pasifika Students undertaking health studies in the Canterbury DHB area

Find out about Canterbury DHB Māori and Pasifika scholarships including how to apply for a scholarship and the Maori and...

Smoking Programme

The aim of the Smoking Programme is to reduce the prevalence of smoking and smoking-related harm amongst Māori.

Te Komiti Whakarite

Te Komiti Whakarite was established to assess and provide cultural advice through the development, implementation and review of...

Te Whare Mahana Whānau Family Accommodation facility

For many years Canterbury DHB has operated a whānau-family accommodation facility for eligible family members, supporting a...

Whānau ora Programme

Whānau Ora is an inclusive approach to providing services and opportunities that empowers whānau as a whole.

Whaihanga kāinga Programme – Building healthy, vibrant, connected communities

The Whaihanga kāinga Programme supports Māori to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and address the...

Pacific health community services 
located within our hospitals and
primary care locations.

Page last reviewed: 21 February 2018