Cancer Programme

Improve early detection and reduce the disease burden of cancer amongst Māori.

Cancer is the second highest cause of death for Māori in Canterbury and a major cause of hospitalisation. At least one third of cancers are preventable, and the impact and death rate of cancer can be reduced through early detection and treatment. Māori in Canterbury are one and a third times more likely to die from cancer than non-Māori, even though incidence of cancer overall is lower for Māori than non-Māori.

This suggests an area of unmet need for Māori and highlights the importance of cancer screening to ensure early detection and treatment.

Wahine Māori have been targeted as a high-priority group for cervical and breast screening and the focus is on community-based promotions to educate, recruit and retain women into the cervical screening programme and overcome barriers such as embarrassment, finances and transport.

Page last reviewed: 05 September 2013