Early Intervention in Psychosis Service (Totara House)

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Specialist assessment, treatment and support provided for young people (18-30) experiencing a first presentation of psychosis.  The Totara House team aim to reduce the disruption to people's lives by providing early intervention through a range of services, including:

  • Community treatment and support
  • Group programmes
  • Education about psychosis 

What is Psychosis?

The word psychosis is used to describe a condition that affects the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with...

Getting Help Early

Getting help early involves recognising psychosis at the earliest possible time and finding appropriate specialist treatment.

Cannabis and Psychosis

Most people who use cannabis don't experience any obvious harmful effects, but regular use may produce a number of short term...

The Brain and Psychosis

The brain plays a central role in the onset of psychosis

Family/Whānau Support Group

It can be very distressing when someone close to you experiences a psychotic episode. We recognise that psychosis has a major...

How Can I Help?

It can be very distressing to realise that someone close to you is experiencing psychosis. You may feel shocked, confused,...


About Totara House

Totara House is a specialist multidisciplinary service for young people (aged 18-30) who live in Christchurch and are...

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If you think that 'something isn't quite right' in yourself or someone you know, your general practitioner or someone you trust...

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Glossary of terms

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