Te Korowai Atawhai (Māori Mental Health Service)

Ngā Pūkenga Atawhai (Specialist Māori Mental Health Workers) work as members of multidisciplinary clinical teams to provide cultural support to the Tangata Whaiora, their Whānau, the clinician and service.

Te Korowai Atawhai is translated as "The Cloak of Care and Nurture".  This personifies the service as a fine cloak, metaphorically woven with the strands of traditional Māori values and beliefs.  These values and beliefs of aroha, manaakitanga, āwhinatanga, whānaungatanga, wairuatanga and te whakakoharangatiratanga underpin and inform much of the Māori life experience.

The service aims to improve the delivery and quality of health service to Tangata Whaiora who are in pursuit of wellness, primarily through the mahi of Pūkenga Atawhai employed in a number of multidisciplinary clinical teams.

The philosophy of the service is Whānaungatanga – a concept which not only acknowledges that our work is not done in isolation but as a member of a whānau; whānaungatanga also acknowledges the importance of Tangata Whaiora being a member of a Whānau, Hapū, Iwi and Waka.

What we do

The team of Pukenga Atawhai are on call 24/7 to PES and work across Adult Community Psychiatric Services, Child, Adolescent & Family Services, Forensic Inpatient Units, Acute Inpatient Unit, Forensic Community, Rehabilitation Services.

Māori Mental Health providers in Ōtautahi.

  • Te Awa O Te Ora – Day activity programmes 18yrs up, Community Support Workers, CAD's clinic

  • Purapura Whetu – Clinical Counselling service, programmes for tamariki, whānau, wāhine, rangatahi, taiohi

  • Te Kakakura Trust – Governance body for Te Pito Ora & Toiora Arotake.

  • Te Pito Ora - The only Maori supported Accomocation - Level 3

  • Toiora Arotake - Maori Needs Assessment

  • He Waka Tapu – Specialists in AoD, Rangatahi Programmes, Adult Programmes,

  • Te Puna Oranga – Counselling Service

  • Te Puawaitanga O Te Tamaiti – Well Child Checks, Mobile Nurses, Pēpi & Whaea Programmes

  • Māori Womens Welfare League –

  • Te Rapana Trust

  • Te Rūnaka Ki Ōtautahi

  • Hauora Mātauranga – Health Promotions

  • He Oranga Pounamu – Contractors for Health / Information about services available

Te Korowai Atawhai is committed to upholding Tiriti O Waitangi:

  • Principles:  To ensure there is an ongoing partnership in the participation and protection with the commitment and access and equity.

  • Partnership/Kawanatanga – working together with whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori community – guaranteed a share in the power over decision making at all levels (Article 1)

  • Protection/Rangatiratanga – the power to define and protect treasures. Incumbent on these guarantees (Article 2)

  • Participation/Oritetanga – equality of opportunity and outcomes (Article 3)

  • Commitment – To ensure that those working with Tangata Whaiora have the same commitment as the next person.

  • Access and Equity – Each Tangata Whaiora have the right to access services available to them with the equity of any other public member.


Te Korowai Atawhai Whare

Te Waimokihi, Building 4, Annex Road, Hillmorton Hospital

Contact information

(03) 339 2864

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Page last reviewed: 12 June 2014