Becoming a Recipient

​​Currently only babies who have been admitted to the NICU and meet our standard criteria can be considered to receive Pasteurised Donated Milk (PDM). The supply to eligible babies is influenced by the availability of pasteurised breast milk. The criteria is regularly reviewed and updated according to milk supplies. Review the standard Human Milk Bank Criteria. This criteria is a general guide but other babies may be considered on an individual basis.  The priority is given to those with significant risk factors for necrotising enterocolitis (NEC).

All babies should receive their own mother's colostrum where possible as this milk helps the infants gastrointestinal tract transition from the in-utero environment to the ex utero environment. The parents of a potential recipient baby will be approached and given information which will include the following documents:

Human Donor Milk for your baby

Recipient of pasteurised human milk consent form

One of the parents (usually the mother) will be asked to sign the consent form and pasteurised donated milk will then be allocated to that baby.

What does donated milk mean to parents?
"It took the pressure off getting my supply up right away. It gave us peace of mind because we didn't want them to have formula especially as they were premature". Nicole Lawson



Page last reviewed: 24 September 2018