Clinical Care

​​​​Level 3 (Intensive Care)

Our Level 3 or intensive care area provides care for babies/pēpi ​who need help with breathing (ventilator or CPAP) or who have complex needs including needing surgery. In addition, any baby that requires intensive observation will be cared for within this environment.

The service utilises Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and various forms of ventilation (High Frequency and Nitric Oxide, Volume and SIMV-Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) in supporting babies who are experiencing breathing difficulties or who require support post surgery.

Utilising the extended multi-disciplinary team, these babies are cared for in a physical environment that enables us to closely monitor all of their activity. Extremely sick or unwell babies are usually cared for by one Nurse who is able to solely focus on the baby's/pēpi's and family's/whānau​'s needs.

Within our entire neonatal environment the parents are a valued member of the team. Staff will assist in any way possible to minimise separation and encourage contact. This often involves changing nappies, taking temperatures and kangaroo care. The parents' role is highly valued.

Level202aa.jpg ​​Level 2 (Special Care)

The Level 2 or special care area provides support and care for babies/pēpi​ who are able to breath for themselves but may still have special needs that require input from our multi-disciplinary team. These babies may require oxygen therapy, intravenous therapy, antibiotics, who are of a low birth weight, or are unable to keep warm or feed well.

This area doesn't appear as "High Tech" as intensive care and encourages the family/whānau to participate more freely in the care of their baby/pēpi. In this situation, one Nurse will care for up to five babies.

Babies often progress into room 6 where their care is focused more on the "well" baby who perhaps still remains a little small and who is beginning to establish oral feeding. The physical surroundings of this nursery, allows and encourages families/whānau​ to achieve a high level of participation in the care of their baby/pēpi. Nurses in this level impart Parentcraft skills that will be of enormous value when the babies are discharged into their home environment. 

Parent rooms are available when the baby/pēpi​​ ​ is close to discharge. We aim for all parents to room in with their baby/pēpi​​ for at least one night prior to discharge to enable parents to feel more confident on discharge. Meals are provided for parents living in.


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Page last reviewed: 25 February 2014